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The works of art by Louis van Gasteren

On the occasion of his 90th birthday the book SIGNAAL. De beeldende kunst van Louis van Gasteren was presented.


It is an extended presentation of a selection of the works of art, made by Van Gasteren. The introduction is written by Henk Hofland and Tom Rooduijn contributed with an essay.  

This book is produced by Nienke Huizinga Boekproductie and is edited by Uitgeverij Weesperzijde.



Format: 34 x 24 cm

60 pagina’s in full colour

Price: € 39,00









dvd box

This month the dvd-box Louis van Gasteren will be presented by the Dutch Institute Beeld en Geluid and the EYE Film Institute Nederland.


This dvd-box is the fourth edition in the series Dutch Documentary Collection, a collection of masterpieces by Dutch documentarists.


The dvd-box Louis van Gasteren can be bought in the webshops of  Beeld en GeluidEye Filminstituut  and the Volkskrant  



overstagOn 12 November, the film OVERSTAG had its première in The Hague. This film portrait of Sicco Mansholt was made by Louis van Gasteren and Joke Meerman.

Louis van Gasteren was a friend of Mansholt. In the late 1960s, he made three films about the policy of the European communities (see the filmography). In that period, he met Sicco Mansholt, who was the agricultural commissioner of the EEC.

Their strong personal bond meant he was given access to unique and valuable source material. In addition,  Van Gasteren has interviewed several contemporaries and colleagues in order to study the thoughts of Mansholt and the way his policy was applied.

Van Gasteren earlier made the Short SICCO MANSHOLT, VAN BOER TOT EUROCOMMISSARIS (21 min) on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Mansholt. This film can be regarded as a prelude to the major film portrait OVERSTAG.



In the late 1950s, Louis van Gasteren made a film about the design and construction of Nagele under the title EEN NIEUW DORP OP NIEUW LAND/A New Village on New Land. This documentary turned out to be one about history will stop.

The village of Nagele is known worldwide as an example of challenging contemporary architecture. The young architects of the Acht en Opbouw/Eight and Construction (including Van Eyk, Rietveld, Stam, Bakema and Ruys) designed a village characterised by flat roofs and spatial arrangement. The architects wanted to link ‘indoors’ and ‘outdoors’ in order to optimise the quality of life.

After 50 years, a lot has changed and Van Gasteren poses the question whether the village still ‘complies’ with the different structural demands today. The structure of the population has changed, as have the demands for space, facilities and surroundings..

NAGELE NU/Nagele Now will provide an infantry of the difficulties, the views of inhabitants and officials about the future of Nagele in a society with mechanised agriculture and modern means of transport.


Big Bill BroonzyBig Bill Broonzy

Amsterdam Live Concerts,
1953-unissued concerts recorded by Louis van Gasteren

"This lovingly produced set is an invaluable document of Broonzy·s latter years and bears testament to his great skilles and charisma". Scott Baretta, Living Blues,dec. ’ 07

"Un inedit d·un artiste de cette tremp... ca ne se refuse pas. »»Jean Szlarnowicz, Jazz Hot, april ’ 07

2 cd album, MRCD 275
Munich Records BV